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Database Practice - Finalexampracticesession:Databasepart...

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Final exam practice session: Database part… More open ended: Next we implement the part where faculty members of the admissions committee review the applications and decide who will be the accepted applicants. The admissions committee faculty is divided into two categories: Regular members (reviewers) and committee chairs. Regular members can review and grade applications. When a committee member grades an application he/she assigns a grade from 1-4, 1 being the lowest and 4 being the highest, and also provides a free text comment. Each reviewer may provide only one review and grade for each application. Note that there are applications that have been assigned to a reviewer and assigned applications that have actually been reviewed by this reviewer. One may not review applications that have not been assigned to him. Each application has a status (accepted, rejected, under consideration) Each reviewer should be able to sees his/her workload queue, i.e., the list of applications that are due to be reviewed by him/her. The reviewer should be
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Database Practice - Finalexampracticesession:Databasepart...

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