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26 - potential solutions 6 What is the main challenge to...

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1. What are our best energy options for reducing impacts on global warming, pollution, water supply, land use, and wildlife (among other concerns)? 2. What is the current world-wide maximum power consumption, and what is it projected to grow to by 2030? Why is the energy demand expected to grow? How many more resources (think of fossil fuel-related infrastructure) will need to been place to produce this additional power? 3. If the WWS option replaced today heavy dependence on fossil fuels, the global power demand would be significantly less in 2030 than is we expected the fossil fuel infrastructure, why? 4. Why is the potential for expanding wave power, hydroelectric power, and geothermal energy limited? 5. What factors limit the scaling up WWS infrastructure and what are some
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Unformatted text preview: potential solutions? 6. What is the main challenge to the WWS energy system and how can it be solved? 7. Outline six strategies that will help transition from fossil fuels to the WWS energy system? 8. Would you support the tidal energy project (Severn barrage) on the west coast of Britain? Why or why not? What are the costs and benefits of the project? 9. Compare and contrast the views of preservationists versus sustainable developers, particularly in relation to the scaling up of green energy technologies to reduce risks associated with global climate change. 1.Did your parents enforce a strict curfew on you? 2.Do you prefer walking over running? 3.Are you open to new suggestions from others when itinvolves your kids?...
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26 - potential solutions 6 What is the main challenge to...

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