1-15 - 1. Why do we need to value ecosystem services?...

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1. Why do we need to value ecosystem services? without a value for the service, the only cost attached to them is the value of the goods taken from the area, e.g. wood, land, etc. 2. What are the arguments against valuing ecosystem services? You can’t trade these services on a free market system in order to get a value you may end up undervaluing nature because we don’t understand all of how nature benefits us 3. Why are economic indicators such as GNP considered flawed measures of economic progress and sustainability? they do not account for the degradation in ecological services that industry and commerce cause o Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) & Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare Factor in costs to the environment, society, sustainability, equity, etc. 4. According to Daly (2005), what is the fundamental idea behind sustainability? What does he suggest needs to be done to transition to a sustainable economy? to shift the path of progress from growth, which is not sustainable, toward development, which presumably is. scientists need to develop a “full world” economics to replace our traditional “empty world” economics. production rates should equal depreciation rates. The rates can be equal, however, at either high or low levels, and lower rates are better both for the sake of greater durability of goods and for attaining sustainability. Longer-lived, more durable products can be replaced more slowly, thus requiring lower rates of resource use. 5. What arguments do Daly & Walker (2000) make for participation of private enterprise/Industry in the quest for sustainable development? private enterprise is powerful , and has an enormous capacity to achieve sustainable use of resources. private enterprise is innovative and adaptable . private enterprise is efficient , at least relative to government. private enterprise is
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1-15 - 1. Why do we need to value ecosystem services?...

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