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Exam Questions - Exam Questions Describe 4 Ecosystem...

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Exam Questions Describe 4 Ecosystem services 1. Bacteria and microbes that transform waste into useable products 2. Insects that pollinate crops 3. Coral reefs protect coastlines 4. Running the hydrological cycle that supplies fresh water 5. Natural storage for water, CO 2 , etc. **Many environmental goods and services are common property (public) and so it may be difficult to assign a monetary value (air, water, etc.). Using a case study describe a way an ecosystem service may be valued. New York Water example What factors contributed to the global collapse of fisheries after 1982? The expansion made possible by the Convention on the Law of the Sea and technological improvements in commercial fishing gear (such as acoustic fish finders) temporarily boosted fish catches fighting over coastal fishing grounds, but it placed the responsibility for managing marine fisheries squarely on maritime countries. Unfortunately, we cannot point to any example of a nation that has stepped up to its duties in this regard. What can be done to reverse the collapse?
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Exam Questions - Exam Questions Describe 4 Ecosystem...

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