GEO 101 Final Essay

GEO 101 Final Essay - Megan Carter GEO 101 Global Forces,...

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Megan Carter GEO 101 – Global Forces, Local Diversity Dr. Dahlman May 5, 2010 Highland County in the context of GEO 101 Highland County is located in southern Ohio. It is a rural area, mostly small towns and agriculture, but through geography I found that there are several ways this area is connected to what I have been learning throughout the semester. Adaptive capacity, the financial crisis, and central place theory all tied to increased unemployment once ABX Air left a local city. ABX Air employed thousands of people in Highland County, Clinton County, and the surrounding area through full-time and part-time jobs, mostly based on labor. These kinds of jobs were greatly needed in the area due to the low college attendance rates and high rates of teen pregnancy, leading to many young adults needing employment locally. ABX Air moved to Texas in 2008 and got national attention of the devastating job loss in the area. The way that Highland County and the surrounding area managed to bounce back from such a devastating job loss can be explained through its adaptive capacity. Basically this area seems to have had a rather small adaptive capacity. Even two years later now in 2010 it is still very difficult to find a job in the region because these people who lost their jobs found every job possible, even part-time at minimum wage, and left nothing for the rest of the people who needed
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GEO 101 Final Essay - Megan Carter GEO 101 Global Forces,...

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