Globalization Essay (GEO 211)

Globalization Essay (GEO 211) - Carter 1 Todays world is...

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Carter 1 Today’s world is highly connected, competitive, and complicated in terms of relationships and spatial organization. Geographers of today use studies of different kinds to try and make sense of what is an intricate spider’s web of political, social, and economic chaos. Geographers focus on phenomena, both natural and man-made, and their location, distribution, and interaction with each other. This shows patterns and reveals processes that can help predict future relationships and phenomena. In today’s world it is difficult to keep track of all the information and relationships, because they seem to be changing every day, but it’s a geographer’s job to take different kinds of information and show how they affect one another. They use all sorts of different studies to determine these, but the key study is geography. Geography is a field of study that takes pieces from all different fields and puts them together to form a picture that makes it easier to interpret different phenomena, such as political, environmental, economic, cultural, and migratory phenomena. It is mainly based on spatial organization and people’s relationships with their environments. In today’s world it puts together aspects of the different phenomena from different studies and shows how they effect each other and what may happen if certain relationships were to begin occurring, continue occurring, or stop occurring. This is used with economics like recent financial crisis, politics such as presidential elections, environmental issues such as climate change, and cultural understandings such as the
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Globalization Essay (GEO 211) - Carter 1 Todays world is...

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