Module 3 - Megan Carter GEO 211 Global Change Dr. Maingi,...

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Megan Carter GEO 211 – Global Change Dr. Maingi, Dr. Yeboah March 18, 2010 Module Essay 3: Global Energy Resources Describe whether oil is a blessing or a curse for oil-rich Nigeria. As peak oil approaches, various alternative energy resources are under consideration as possible replacements for oil. Are any of these alternatives viable replacements? Why or why not? Some say that oil in Nigeria is a blessing because the money is in one of the countries that need it the most. This gives hope to people in surrounding countries, or even different parts of Nigeria. They see this as black gold that will help them move from having ten people living in one hut to living in a real home. But this money is only going to the government and to the tribal leaders; People who are rich and just getting richer. In the meantime the poor are just getting poorer because of the curse of oil. Companies move in to Nigeria, pay off tribal leaders to use their land, and begin building. Once built the wells may leak, or eventually even catch fire. When the company comes weeks later to fix the problem they patch it up and don’t clean up the mess. This means the oil is leaking into the soil, groundwater, and eventually rivers. This means that families who depend on fishing or crops are out of luck and the small source of potable water may not be clean anymore. Most people from the villages in Nigeria are not educated enough to work for the companies, the government won’t educate them because they have so much money from the oil companies that they don’t care, and those who are educated enough still can’t get
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Module 3 - Megan Carter GEO 211 Global Change Dr. Maingi,...

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