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Contribution to team effort - Megan Carter GEO 221...

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Megan Carter GEO 221 December 13, 2010 Contribution to Team Effort I was assigned with the task of designing the two-story building with basement known as the Environmental Learning Center (ELC). With this task came the responsibility of designing and finding placement for a parking lot, designing the building itself, finding a placement for the building, figuring out the uses for the building, finding the square footage of the parking lot and building, finding alternative energy sources to help power the ELC, and deciding on building materials. I had never designed a building or parking lot before and first needed to find out what the normal sizes for things such as parking spaces, parking lot lanes, restrooms, elevators, stairwells, etc. in order to make the blueprints as much to scale as possible and make it more realistic. This proved to be a larger project than expected. The sources used can be found on the references page under “Dimensions”. Finding the dimensions for each part of the building and the parking lot then made it much easier to figure out how much space was needed for each. In order to find a placement for the building I had to find a soil that was
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Contribution to team effort - Megan Carter GEO 221...

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