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Communication Sequence Assignment

Communication Sequence Assignment - HON 182 Personal...

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HON 182: Personal Recruiter Communication Sequence Assignment Sheet DUE MARCH 5 via e-mail to [email protected] For this assignment you will 1) outline your communication sequence and 2) create templates for each point of contact. Using the information from your data analysis assignment and information discussed in class please complete the following chart and then provide a template for each stage of your communication sequence. Keep in mind that the communication sequence you are developing in this assignment is an initial plan or guideline. You will be able to adapt and modify this for individual students, or groups of students, as circumstances necessitate. Right now you should be thinking of the “ideal” plan. If you were to contact everyone in your caseload once per week for the last 7 weeks of the semester, what would you tell them and how would you relay that information? Communication Sequence Grid: Outline your communication sequence by completing the following grid. When: How will you communicate? What will you say? (List main topics only, not complete text) March 15 Letter Introduce myself and what I am there to do. March 22 Email Establish ‘open communication’ March 29 Email Discuss fears and give links to pages of the MU site. April 5 Letter Hi-lights of Miami University. April 12 Letter Hi-lights of the honors program. April 19 Email Show how Miami fits different personalities. April 26 Phone Call Answer any questions and establish deadlines. Templates for Points of Contact: For each item on your outline above, develop a template to be used for that point of contact.  For  example, if you are planning to send an e-mail message on March 15 you should include the  complete text of that e-mail message below as your first template.  TEMPLATE 1: MARCH 15  Hi ________, My name is Megan and I am your Honors Ambassador for Miami University! First of all, congratulations on being accepted to Miami University and the honors program! I am not going to throw fancy words at you describing how awesome that is because I am sure you have heard all about it. I am here to guide you through the process of trying to decide whether you think Miami University or the honors program here is for you. First off, let me introduce myself.
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Like I said, my name is Megan. I am a Freshman Geography major and Environmental Science co-major. When I came to Miami I was a Chemical Engineering major, but thanks to Miami’s liberal arts curriculum different classes and opportunities surrounded me, and I soon found my niche. Because I am a freshman I remember applying to colleges and trying to decide what was best for me like it was just yesterday. I don’t really remember anyone my age trying to help me or contact me in a way that really influenced me, so hopefully I will do a better job. I love movies and music and I am passionate about the world around us and how it works. I noticed that you are an undecided arts and science major, which I think is a good
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Communication Sequence Assignment - HON 182 Personal...

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