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Megan Carter HST 308 – Energy in American History 10/14/2010 Term Paper Prospectus Centralia, PA In Centralia, PA in May 1962 a fire was started in a local trash dump that spread to abandoned coalmines beneath the soil. The coal in this area in anthracite coal, which is known to burn longer than most any other kind of coal, and the fires beneath Centralia are estimated to last another 250-1,000 years. Because the people of Centralia have had coal burning beneath their homes, as well as failed attempts at trying to dig out or smother the fire, deadly gases that coal miners feared crept into the homes and became a part of their daily lives. Only once a man died from carbon monoxide poisoning did the government step-in and begin moving people from the town. Because of Pennsylvania’s large amounts of anthracite coal, and the need for the
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Unformatted text preview: coal companies, industries, and families to use that coal, the environment of the citizens of Centralia has been completely and permanently altered. After several failed attempts to stop the fires beneath the city the government finally put millions of dollars towards moving the citizens to other, near-by locations as to leave the dangers of deadly gases and hollow ground beneath their feet waiting to collapse. Some have stayed behind, fighting for their right to stay. The role of this paper is to show how because of the chemistry, set-up, and location of the mines and coal beneath the city, the social and physical environment of Centralia, PA has drastically and permanently changed....
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