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Dear Mr. President, November 4 th , 1977 We are in what Nixon called an “energy crisis”. Now that you are the leader of our nation there a few things I would like for you to take care of. I believe that oil use should be cut down not only because it is cheaper but also because it keeps the United States from having too much interaction with countries without Christian faith in the east. These people are evil, and are trying to pull us into their evil as well. We need to resist the devil’s urge to make profit from non-Christain believers and their oil, and learn to stand together as a Christian nation and fend for ourselves in terms of energy. I propose we do this in several different ways. Churches should provide buses for people to take to church instead of everyone driving their own cars, which would save on
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Unformatted text preview: gas. These buses should be treated as commercial vehicles, so in time of shortages these buses can still have access to gasoline in order to get citizens to praise the Lord in his house. Also, We need to use the resources that God gave us in our own country and drill oil from places like Alaska, or look for oil in the deserts of the U.S. that have conditions like those of the eastern part of the world. Mr. President, I am depending on you as a leader and as a fellow Georgian Baptist to stand up against the evils of the Arabs and their oil and help this great nation to stand on its own two feet and praise the Lord through U.S. drilling and spreading the faith. Sincerely, Megan Carter of Georgia...
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