Social Problems February 10th 2011

Social Problems February 10th 2011 - are designed to...

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Social Problems February 10 th 2011 Ideology of meritocracy is something that is imbedded in our culture “We get out of the system what we put into the system” America is a land of limitless opportunity Merit is innate ability, right attitude and moral character Overestimated Hard work does not always equal success Non merit factors 1) Inheritance 2) Luck 3) Where you live 4) Decline In self employment 5) Discrimination Social Problems February 15 th 2011 The Wire Season four themes Social Institutions - Social Institution: The more enduring features of social life that contain a set of rules shared by members of a society - Bureaucracy: Carries out the policies, rules and regulations embedded in institutions - The social institutions in the WIRE are BROKEN - Lessons In the Wire: it is folly to place your faith in institutions because they
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Unformatted text preview: are designed to protect themselves and not you. • Social Exclusion -Underground Economy of the Urban Poor by Sudhir Ventakesh: Explores how people work beneath the radar earning a living and providing for themselves and their families. How does a community survive when it works with a different set of the rules than the rest of America. • Ideological Discipline-The process of making docile minds so that professionals are trained to advance the institution’s interests-Hidden Curriculum-“The product of professional labor is political it takes sides. Professional work tilts one way or the other and the way it tilts is never an accident”-Examples from the wire. • The Game...
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Social Problems February 10th 2011 - are designed to...

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