Aggressiveness - strategies DIFFERENT PARENTAL DISCIPLINE...

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Aggressiveness: Role of Parents Wednesday, April 13, 2011 9:36 AM 1. Does Spanking increase aggression 2. Strassberg: took 273 Kindergartners and parents 3. No spanking parents 4. Spanking parents( open hand) 5. Spanking with violence( closed hand) 6. Observed the level of child aggression in kindergarten 7. 6 month observations 8. Looked at 3 different types of aggression: reactive, instrumental, bullying 9. Spanking does increase aggressiveness if only for short term EFFECT OF SPANKING ON ADOLESCENT ADJUSTMENT 10. Baurmrind: followed preschool to adolescence 11. Found negative effects on adolescent adjustment when parents hit often and hard 12. No differences between no spanking group and adolescent adjustment PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT 13. Effects are mitigated by: 14. Culture: 15. If this is the norm less negative outcomes 16. If not norm more negative outcomes 17. Frequency: children spanked every day may have more negative consequence 18. Other Discipline Strategies: Depends on how combined with other types of
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Unformatted text preview: strategies DIFFERENT PARENTAL DISCIPLINE STRATEGIES HAVE DIFFERENT EFFECTS: 19. Induction: parents discipline their children through explanation and consequences 20. Parents that use this technique have children with positive effects and low aggression 21. Punitive Approach: punishing no teaching, power assertion, love withdrawl 22. Negative effects high aggression 1. Induction: Reason for effectiveness 2. Focus on consequences for others 3. More likely to listen to parental instruction 4. Associated negative affect with behavior and not punishment 5. Parent is modeling desired behavior 6. Love withdrawl, power assertion, physical punishment: Reasons for less effectiveness 7. Child focuses only on the consequences of the punishment on themselves not others 8. Elicit external motivation: only trying to avoid punishment not internalizing wrong from right 9. Difficult focusing on info 10. Parent is modeling undesired behavior...
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Aggressiveness - strategies DIFFERENT PARENTAL DISCIPLINE...

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