Preoperational Period

Preoperational Period - Preoperational Period (2-7) years...

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Preoperational Period (2-7) years Wednesday, February 16, 2011 9:36 AM 1. Symbolic Skills( schemes=mental actions) unlike infants who have physical action schemes 2. Object Permanence 3. Language ability 4. Symbolic Play: using one object to stand for another object 5. Deferred imitations: See someone do something and then imitate at a later time 6. Problem solving in head LIMITATIONS 7. Egocentrism 8. Consider only one's own point of view 9. Illustrated in lack of spatial perspective( taking) 10. Egocentric Speech LACK OF SPATIAL PERSPECTIVE TAKING 11. 3 mountain experiment 12. Child seated on one side and doll on opposite side of the three mountains 13. Both are shown various perspectives 14. The child is asked, "What does the doll see?" 15. The child assumes that the doll sees what they see 16. Chooses own perspective EGOCENTRIC SPEECH 17. Child in egocentric period engage in "collective monologues" do not participate in an actual conversation. Talk at each other but not about the same
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Preoperational Period - Preoperational Period (2-7) years...

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