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Exam_2_20C - Math 20C(Shenk Summer 2010 Exam 2(10 points...

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Math 20C (Shenk). Summer, 2010. Exam 2. (10 points per problem. Maximum = 80 points) Name Section Work alone and use no books, notes, or calculators. Show your work with your answers on 8.5” × 11” paper and staple the pages to the exam when you turn them in. Problem 1 A toy car is traveling counterclockwise around the circle x 2 + y 2 = 4 in an xy -plane with distances measured in meters. When the car is at (0 , 2), its acceleration vector is a = 5 i 8 j meters per minute 2 . How fast is it traveling and at what rate is it speeding up or slowing down at that time? Problem 2 Draw and label the level curves f = 4 , f = 6, and f = 8 of the linear function f ( x, y ) = 2 x y + 6. Then draw f at one point in the drawing, using the scales on the axes to measure the components of the vector. Problem 3 The volume of a right circular cylinder is calculated from measured values of the radius r (feet) of its base and its height h (feet) with the formula V = πr 2 h (cubic feet). The radius is measured to be 3 feet with an error 0 .
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