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ComSt 101 Feb 23 - ComSt 101 2-23 Conversation is...

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ComSt 101 2-23 Conversation is sequential Must know when to make a move o Keep track of turns Closings are important o Don’t just walk away Establish closure o “I should be going” Guage natue of interaction o “good to see you” Establish future interaction o “see you later” Write down 5 things that complete this sentence… o “I am _________” A brother 19 A student A FIJI A male o Most common: Reational (daughter, sister) Career (student, mechanic) Traits (tall, short) Communication and social identity Part of every encounter Comm. Shapes identities Intercultural comm. popular Identity o Social categories you “belong” to o Developed through interaction Identity development o Reflects appraisals How others view you Temperament Particular others: parents Generalized others: prototype people o Social comparisons Reference groups Actual vs. ought self o Self-fulfilling prophecy Expectation of event Language and social edentity
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o Group memberships influence discourse Region (Southern) Culture of Honor o Perceived insult-- o Threat to ego— Heightened testosterone levels AND/OR Violent Cognitions (both lead to… o Acts of violence Gender Asking for directions Help around the house( if you keep asking, the less chance they will do it) Men: autonomy Women: connectedness
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ComSt 101 Feb 23 - ComSt 101 2-23 Conversation is...

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