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1 Fabiola Florez ENC 1102 Natasha Olivera Exploratory Essay What is being done for the Invisible Children? The best thing about being a kid is all the freedom that you have. At the age of seven you have no real responsibilities and the things that might worry you are as simple as, if you will be able to watch your favorite cartoon that night. One of the best feelings to have as child is that of security and safety that you get from your family. When reality hits, you become aware of the fact that not everyone is as fortunate. Some kids grow up with literally nothing. Something that has always captured by attention is finding ways in which I could give something to someone that has nothing. The interest I have with those who are disadvantage and living in third world countries is what interested me in “Invisible Children.” As my professor wrote it up on the dry erase board as one of our options our assignment I must admit that I had no idea what it meant until one of my classmates gave us a brief explanation. When I heard the words Uganda, children, and forced I knew that this would be something of my interest. I embarked on this journey knowing absolutely nothing on my destination. I decided to begin this quest with the simple question, “What is or who are the Invisible Children?” After discovering who these children were and how they ended up in their situation the philanthropic side of me immediately wanted to discover what was being done for these kids and in which ways would a person be able to help, to make a difference. I sailed out on this journey with the Google search engine and a simple click of my mouse. To research something I had no knowledge of I decided to begin by simply typing in “Invisible Children” and look through the results that I was given. The first link that appeared on my list was the Invisible Children Website. On this website I was able to find all types of
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2 information. Here I found the history of the invisible children, different ways in which someone could help and information on campaigns and programs that are out there to help these kids. Due to the fact that I had absolutely no knowledge on this topic I decided to begin my research with the history and then work on a subtopic which I found most interesting within the Invisible Children topic. Hoping to find exactly what I was looking for I clicked under the “About” tab. What I found here was how this organization all began. Three young college students from California set out to Africa to capture an adventure; here they came across the kids which are now known as Invisible Children. The information that I found here was not exactly what I was looking for. What I wanted to find was the story behind these children, not the organization. Not giving up hopes I continued to do my research. As I looked through different links I
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Exploratory Essay - 1 Fabiola Florez ENC 1102 Natasha...

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