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1 Fabiola Florez ENC 1102 Instructor Natasha Olivera Rhetorical Analysis Essay Obama's "A More Perfect Union": Successful Rhetorician The year of 2008 brought an unforgettable election. From the first female presidential candidate to the first colored male presidential candidate, this election gave a lot to talk about. Although the 2008 elections had many “ first” candidates the one thing that remained the same were the things that were thrown back and forth between opponents and all the dirt that was brought up to the surface about each candidate. Through all this Barack Obama demonstrated to be a great rhetorician over and over again. A great example of his success can be demonstrated in his speech “A More Perfect Union.” The speech was given in the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 18, 2008. The main goal of this speech was to address the statements that were made by Obama’s former pastor, Reverend Wright. The statements that were made by Wright expressed his views in racial matters which were not positive and many found them to be offensive. Reverend Wright had been involved in Obama’s life from participating in his wedding to being the one that baptized his daughters. Obama himself even said he considers him part of the family. Due to the fact that Obama associated himself with Wright, people then associated him with the comments that were made. Although he might have lost some voters for this reason, he easily won them back through his speech. When you look at the big picture one can see that in this speech his main audience is those who are eligible to vote, but if you are to zoom in and take a closer look you can see that his audience is those who were affected in one way or another with what was said by Reverend Wright. Obama used a small anecdote in his speech to demonstrate what he had been through as a child, he used examples
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2 which everyone would be able relate to, and historical information to tie in one of his main arguments. Throughout his speech he made sure that everything related in one way or another and demonstrated the trait of loyalty, which many people admire. All the while doing this he also managed to get another message across which is very important to him, unity and breaking down the racial barriers. Whether you are reading his speech or listening to it on YouTube, you can automatically get a sense of seriousness and determination in this speech. Obama opens up his speech with a quote from the preamble of the United States constitution, a document which is of great importance to America and its people. This quote leads the reader to understand that the rest of his speech is also of great importance and seriousness. In addition to this he also chooses to use a
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Rhetorical Analysis Essay - 1 Fabiola Florez ENC 1102...

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