Freud: Interpretation of Dreams

Freud: - Dylan Douglas Professor Ian Psychoanalytic Theory A Fear Dream I dreamt as follows I hear my mother say Here your breakfast is ready and I

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Dylan Douglas Professor Ian Psychoanalytic Theory 09/26/09 A Fear Dream I dreamt as follows: I hear my mother say “Here, your breakfast is ready,” and I walk towards the front door of my mother’s house. I’m wearing my backpack and I find difficulty in opening the door. I hear my mother’s voice say “Hold on I’ll open that for you, just wait,” but I open it myself with effort. I leave and my car is not outside as I expect. I enter the street and begin to float instead of walk. I appear in a forest and begin walking. I then hear the voices of several of my friends from reality, but never see anyone. The voices become intelligible as people meeting one another: “Whats up, man? Just hanging around with everybody. What about you?. ..” and similar chattering. All of a sudden I have some sort of outer body experience and see that my face has turned white/blue. I continue through the path hastily. I fall down and when I look up I see a large building. Though there’s nothing to indicate it, I know it is a University building and I appear inside. There are no people anywhere, only tables of meat and cheese and other food. I prepare a large plate of food and leave it on the table, and then I look around the room for more food. I turn around and suddenly there are people everywhere. I can’t find any more food in the room so I return to where I left my first plate. I find it submerged in a large bowl of water; it is inedible. I feel frustrated and then a man dressed in a security outfit approaches me: “Can I help you, sir?” he asks and as I look up the man turns out to be my roommate Joe. I hear him say in a whisper, “Get security we have to keep an eye on him. He can’t get away.” I then ask where the bathroom is, rush out of the room, follow signs for an exit and feel like I am walking in circles. I suddenly wake up feeling very afraid. The manifest content of this dream draws from several of my own experiences growing up, maturing into the school environment, and the adjustment I undertook socially. It is one of very few dreams that I have been able to remember in which, upon waking up, my emotions emulated the emotions I felt during the dream. A conversation that I had with one of my roommates spurred the main
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theme of it, and the further I unearth the origins of its dream-work the more latent content becomes distinguishable. By using the tools and devices of Sigmund Fraud, as documented in his work, “ The Interpretation of Dreams,” I move from my original, seemingly absurd and meaningless position, through a very allusive dream-work, to a psychoanalytic interpretation of my unconscious thoughts. Without further prefacing, I will elaborate on the dream above as follows.
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Freud: - Dylan Douglas Professor Ian Psychoanalytic Theory A Fear Dream I dreamt as follows I hear my mother say Here your breakfast is ready and I

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