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Themes of three caskets: -pro-psychoanalysis & being critical -seeks to show that myths (like dreams) are of a human origin. In dream interpretation, women are often symbolically represented as boxes; caskets; baskets; cases. -he seeks to treat human myths like dreams in interpretation. -fraud supplies many examples; Cinderella is one; the third daughter is preferred by the prince. WHAT is the significance of 3? Mother, wife, earth. -Symbolic substitution often travels along the path of semantic opposition. In the unconscious, opposites, contraries, often represent one and the same content. Just as the unconscious knows no negation, it also knows no contradiction. Opposites are connected--if only by the quality of contrariety itself. . -These stories compensate for the reality of death by substituting for it the choice of love. If our unconscious mind recognizes the necessity of death, it rebels against this recognition, represses it, by transforming it into a content that is more pleasurable. -Point: The structure of literature, myth, fairy tales--in fact, of all narrative forms--imitates the structure of dreams, of imaginative fantasy. This means: they emerge from the unconscious and are distorted by the same censorship mechanism that produces the dream-work. The operative mechanisms are displacement, condensation, substitution, wish-fulfillment, etc. so humans try and distract themselves from choices of death, with choices of what we love the most instead of what we dread: love. DREAM INTERPRETATIONS: -dreams have meanings beyond the surface; through relaxed, “free association” or “uncritical self observance” people can see what they wish for. All dreams are “wish-fulfillment” dreams constructed from highly elaborate and intellectual activity. The operations included:
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Condensation — one dream object stands for several associations and ideas; thus "dreams are brief, meagre and laconic in comparison with the range and wealth of the dream-thoughts". Displacement — a dream object's emotional significance is separated from its real object or content and attached to an entirely different one that does not raise the censor's suspicions. Representation — a thought is translated to visual images. Symbolism — a symbol replaces an action, person, or idea. what about nightmares and traumatic experience ? what were young’s theories? The Red Book Young, paintings last year Three essays: -Perversions rooted in childhood, not puberty. -negative perversions can cause ‘inverts’ or homosexuality. Its important to distinguish between good and bad perversions.
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study sheet - T hemes of th ree caskets:...

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