Beat Poet Proj.[1]

Beat Poet Proj.[1] - Research • Served three years in the...

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Leroi Jones/ Amiri Baraka Trevor Davis Best known for… The Essence of Reparations is Baraka’s first published collection of essays in book form which radically explores related issues of racism, national oppression, colonialism, neo-colonialism, self- determination and national and human liberation. The recital of the poem “that mattered” got him in a battle royal with the governor of New Jersey Due to his poem Somebody Blew Up America, a legion of critics demanded his resignation as the state’s Poet Laureate because the peoem’s challenging poetic question about who knew beforehand about the New York City World Trade Center bombings in 2001. Sample/Excerpt of their work w/ title: Birth: Birth: October 7, 1934 Death: still living Biography/Background: The universities where he studied were Columbia, Howard, and Rutgers Universities, he left all those schools without a degree Then attended The New School for Social
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Unformatted text preview: Research • Served three years in the U.S. air force • Founded Totem press in 1958, which published beat icons such as Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg • Married his first wife, Hettie Cohen, in 1958 • A trip to Cuba in 1960 transformed him into a politically active artist • 1966 married his second wife Sylvia Robinson • 1967 adopted the name Amear Baraka and later changed to Amiri Baraka • 1974 started writing his autobiography • 2003 Baraka's daughter Shani was murdered at the age of 31 Somebody Blew Up America They say its some terrorist, some barbaric A Rab, in Afghanistan It wasn't our American terrorists It wasn't the Klan or the Skin heads Or the them that blows up nigger Churches, or reincarnates us on Death Row It wasn't Trent Lott Or David Duke or Giuliani Or Schundler, Helms retiring In the Funk World If Elvis Presley/ is King Who is James Brown, God?...
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Beat Poet Proj.[1] - Research • Served three years in the...

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