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It was my family’s first time going to Scorpion Bay, a surfing spot deep in Mexico. We caravanned with three other families that were very close with us but the drive was miserable. Winding roads and the stench of my brother’s feet were almost unbearable but with the excitement of just getting there, I knew I could get through it. Besides the dead animal smell that was protruding from my brother’s feet and backside, the scenery was gorgeous. The cliffs and mountains we passed amazed everyone in the car. The scenery was something out of a movie. Each time we stepped outside for a bathroom break or to
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Unformatted text preview: get some food, the weather was simply perfect. Surprisingly it was not extremely hot but As we get about ten hours into Mexico, we pass one of the most horrid accidents I have ever seen, so I thought. A truck apparently had flipped off a bank on the side of the road. I noticed a man crying in his hands as he sat next to an object with a blanket over it. “Holy sh$$t” I said to myself because I quickly noticed it was a person under that blanket with his legs missing. No one saw him but me and I had a bad feeling about this two-way highway we were on....
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