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Davis 1 Trevor Davis Professor Doersch WRTG 1150 November 4, 2010 Final Draft What Is The Relationship Between Non-Sexual Adrenaline-Stimulating Activities and Sexual Attraction/Arousal? Cohen, Brett, Gordon Waugh, and Karen Place. "At the Movies: An Unobtrusive Study of Arousal-Attraction." Journal of Social Psycho logy 129.5 (1989): 691. Academic Search Premier. Web. 3 Nov. 2010. Brett Cohen, Gordon Waugh, and Karen Place compared the level of romantic attraction of couples attending a high arousing suspense movie to couples attending a low-arousal film. The low-arousal movie was “True Stories” which is a documentary on the middle- class life in America that includes no violence or nudity. The high-arousal movie was “52 Pickup” which is a thriller about murder and blackmail. A review of this movie concluded that it had “lots of nudity and gratuitous violence.” In this experiment, seventy-nine mixed-sex dyads were observed entering the two movies and seventy mixed-sex dyads were observed leaving the two movies. Their dependent variable was the level of affiliation each couple showed. The experimenters measured the level of affiliation by the “number of couples who were either talking or touching, both talking and touching, and neither talking nor touching.” They found that couples leaving the high-arousal movie were significantly more affiliated with their partner compared to the couples leaving the low-arousal film. This article gives me a real life situation in which a non-sexual activity stimulates arousal. A movie is something everyone has been to in their life and it can relate to all of my audience. I need this information because part of my research questions is looking at the effects non-sexual activities have on arousal. I will use this with my roller-coaster example to give my reader more evidence and also to justify my claim. Meston, Cindy M., and Penny F. Frohlich. "Love at First Fright: Partner Salience
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Final AB - Davis 1 Trevor Davis Professor Doersch WRTG 1150...

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