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New Annotated Bib. - Davis 1 Trevor Davis Prof. Doersch...

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Davis 1 Trevor Davis Prof. Doersch WRTG 3020 October 10, 2010 Daft 12 Research: Two popular sources plus one book. You were only allowed either one popular source or one book. The rest must be peer-reviewed scholarly sources. Even your scholarly sources here are not addressing your research question. So you need to start over. Formatting: Problems throughout. See below. Writing: Problems throughout. Your annotations should be concise summaries of the purpose and conclusions reached in the source (or the results & their relevance). The second paragraph should concisely evaluate and compare the source for the purposes of your paper. Writing tone should remain formal, academic as befits the rhetorical situation of this assignment. What Is The Relationship Between Non-Sexual Adrenaline-Stimulating Activities and Sexual Attraction/Arousal? Benson, Etienne. “The Science of Sexual Arousal.” Monitor Staff on Psychology 34.4 (2003): 50. Web. Date of access. Print. where did you access the article? Database? The APA website? This citation isn’t formatted correctly. It’s a popular source. Psychologists According to this article, psychologists are as of 2003 were starting to gain some new insight into sexual arousal with the help of innovative research methods. This Benson goes overexamines why some men cannot become aroused. It also explains how the study of arousal for women is rarer than for men. But recently psychologists have been narrowing that gap and they have found that there are significant differences
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New Annotated Bib. - Davis 1 Trevor Davis Prof. Doersch...

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