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Research Rough Draft 2

Research Rough Draft 2 - Davis 1 Trevor Davis Prof Doersch...

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Davis 1 Trevor Davis Prof. Doersch WRTG 1150 November 4, 2010 Draft 2 The Arousal Stimulant Do you remember your first date? Most first dates end up at the movies or going to a roller-coaster park, I know mine did. My very first date took place at the movies. We saw “The Grudge” and it has be the scariest movie ever made. I hate horror movies but for some reason my father insisted on me going to one. Why do most couples go see scary movies or go to extreme roller coaster parks as dates? The answer is simple: doing adrenaline-stimulating activities can increase someone’s arousal and possibly help people who have trouble with arousal disorders. Older couples know the tricks and I guess that is why my father was so eager to suggest to me to go see a scary movie with her. It was a great night to say the least because I got my first kiss. Newer couples experience many ups and downs with their dating skills but if there is one thing to pick up from the dating life it is if you are having trouble in the bedroom, just take your partner to an activity that will get the adrenaline pumping. What leads people to get aroused and excited? There are actually many factors that can lead someone to become aroused but there are five basic ones that people should understand first. Both women and men are influenced from similar reasons. In a study on sexual arousal, participants showed that their arousal was strongly influenced by five main factors (Deanna et al. 38). The first is physical and emotional state which includes their mood, hormonal changes, and stress levels. Another factor is their partner’s compatibility which is if their partner has a good personality and is attractive. Stemming off of that, another factor is relationship variables which includes their issues related to physical and emotional safety. One factor that seems to be
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Davis 2 important is the various aspects of sexual interaction which includes setting, timing, and partner’s skill and enthusiasm. And the last and fifth factor is culturally mediated concerns which mean that religious influences and concerns about reputation can actually influence arousal.
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