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Research Rough Draft 3 - Davis 1 Trevor Davis Prof Doersche...

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Davis 1 Trevor Davis Prof. Doersche November 22, 2010 WRTG 1150 Rough Draft 3 Adrenaline Swagger Gets the Ladies As I watch every girl torque their necks towards the muscular guy walking down the beach, I start to wonder why these types of guys get all the girls. What about when all the girls fall for the guy who just got in a fight or who just surfed the biggest swell of the year; it seems that this trend is consistent among all girls. I am at the beach with a bunch of friends including both girls and guys. When I get out of the water after surfing or bodysurfing, I notice that I get more attention from the ladies. I am not boasting in any way because I notice the same thing for my other friends too. Why do thrill seekers get more attention from girls? The answer is quite simple: men who are thrill seekers and who take chances tend to score more. The old saying “nice guys finish last” tends to be the case in this situating; it is the “bad boys” who are getting all the girls. A thrill seeker is the term they give people who search for extreme activities. Many people who are labeled under this term do it because it gives them what people call a “body high”. A “body high” is that sensation you get from doing an adrenaline-stimulating activity that makes the body feel tingly and excited. This excitement then transfers into confidence and arousal, which is called the excitation theory. I sometimes enjoy doing extreme activities such as sky diving and riding huge roller-coasters because it makes me feel on top of the world and also makes me much more confident. Adrenaline-stimulating activities can stimulate confidence which can turn into a drive for sexual activities. Guys who take on extreme sports or activities must have more guts than people who just
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Research Rough Draft 3 - Davis 1 Trevor Davis Prof Doersche...

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