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SEP part A - Davis 1 A An Overview of My Interests and My...

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Davis 1 A. An Overview of My Interests and My Questions Throughout junior year, every student gets to experience the mentor project. I was definitely apprehensive and unsure about this project. Before it started, I thought I would just put my mind on cruise control and just try to get through it. But I never thought I would come out of this project with a new friend and someone I see as a role model. He has really changed my outlook on life and I have never had so much fun hanging out with someone much older than me. Laird Hayes is the man to put it simply. Every junior is required to go through the mentor project; it is a requirement to graduate from high school. I am in the Da Vinci Academy so our mentor project is different from most of the other students. We got to have our own mentor and have one on one meetings whereas the other students shared a mentor and only got to see them at luncheons. I thought at first I would rather be doing the luncheons but after my experience, I was really stoked that I did the Da Vinci way. Laird and I really clicked on the first day when we met. He became a fast friend and we are still friends to this day. Recently I have been getting to understand myself more and it has made me realize why meeting Lair was so significant to me. I consider myself to be pretty caring and nurturing and also adventurous; I am always looking to try new things. When someone needs help, I am always the first one on sight trying to help this person out. I feel the responsibility the take care of others and I think that is a great quality to have. And being adventurous is also a good trait for me because it keeps me active and does not let life get too boring. But aside from that, I am a stress freak. I stress about almost everything and I let it control me. Sometimes I let it get in the way of important things I have in my life like my family. I stress so much on homework or a certain senior project that some nights I rarely see my family. My stress also leads to some anger and
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Davis 2 that has also put me into some trouble. But I do have to admit that my stress has allowed me to kick butt in high school and get me to where I am today. I push myself so much that I know it will benefit me in the future but I do need to learn how to control it or it will ruin me. When I first met Laird, the one thing I noticed about him right away was that he was very calm, cool, and collective. I knew Laird before the mentor project but I did not know him on a deeper level. Contrast to myself, Laird is easy going and flows along with life instead of trying to change it like I try to. The reason I chose this topic for my paper is because Laird has changed my perspective on life. Before hanging out with him, I was a workaholic and a stress maniac but now I am much more relaxed. It is easier for me to control my stress levels and I think I owe it to him for showing me the way. He may not know that he did but he showed me by example. As
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