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What is the claim - Another one is that people usually are...

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1. What is the claim(s)? How are they organized? (One claim, one claim with elaboration, two-part claim? etc.) 2. What evidence/support does Gilbert provide? 3. What evidence do you feel is most persuasive/effective for his claim? 4. How much ethos, logos, pathos was utilized in this lecture? 5. Does Gilbert anticipate objections (rebuttals) effectively? How or how not? One of his claims is that synthetic happiness and natural happiness are the same.
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Unformatted text preview: Another one is that people usually are content with choices they receive because our brains are programmed to pick the positives in choices we make. • Gilbert uses many evidences to support his ideas. One is that he uses a real life scenario where he compares the happiness of a lottery winner to a paraplegic six months after their experiences. He concludes that both are equally as happy after those six months. Another...
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