Ch 6 notes - Ch. 6 (3/4) Interpersonal Communication Goals:...

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Ch. 6 (3/4) Interpersonal Communication Goals: o Know why people build dyads o Attachment styles o Purpose of self-disclosure o Conflict styles Interpersonal Communication 2-person, face-to-face Direct Involved Personal Common ground Immediate Can adjust Spontaneous Little rehearsal Informal Freedom Are all dyads interpersonal? Vary in closeness Significant other vs. delivery person Different reactions Developmental grow into closeness Governed by rules Cultural levels Use with strangers E.g. eye contact Sociological- level Specific to groups o Informal greeting Psychological level o Deep intimate Hugs Reciprocity We feel obligated to re-pay some1 if they gave us something or do something for us If they do a favor The “Coke” Study (Regan (1971)) If someone was given a coke, they usually bought twice as many raffle tickets from the guy that gave them a coke
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Implication: if another person gives you something or does something for you, you are likely to feel pressure to comply with a request from them Seen as an opportunity to re-pay them Historical Example o Hare Krishnas o Fund raising method: give out a flower as a “gift” to passers-by in airports; ask for a donation o Felt obligated to reciprocate by giving donations, even when they didn’t want the flower Why Reciprocity can be bad Uninvited debts Sometimes we receive something from someone when we didn’t ask Problematic b/c still feel obligated Unfair exchanges What you receive may be smaller than what you are asked to pay in return o Joe’s raffle tickets were 25 cents but the coke he bought for the other guy
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Ch 6 notes - Ch. 6 (3/4) Interpersonal Communication Goals:...

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