Notes for test 4

Notes for test 4 - o Building community Design culture...

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Test 4 notes (4-1) Chapter 9: Public Communication Goals: The importance of public communication ABC model of attitudes 4 functions of attitudes Effectiveness of subliminal advertizing Public Communication Message addresses/reaches a large audience Characteristics of public comm. o Formal o Preplanned o Defined roles o Prompted by important event Large audiences o Requires adaptation No foreplay, last roughly an hour o No time to get to know one another Physical distance o 20 ft or more The public sphere o Can become spokesperson o Grassroots groups Importance of public comm. o Essential to democracy o Distrust among masses Nobody likes flip-floppers o Discovering facts Must be well informed Reveal new info. o Testing ideas Try out supporting reasons o Persuading others Selling info. Audience is a consumer o Shaping knowledge Facts become known and integrated into schemas
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Unformatted text preview: o Building community Design culture Create groups o Distributing power Personal • Personal success Psychological • Shape how others think Political • Voice • Personal and professional consequences o Lawyers, professors, politicians, parents, religious leaders, comedians (4-8) Chapter 10: Preparing and Presenting Public Speeches Goals: why we must understand our audience Functions of an intro and conclusion Managing speech anxiety • Public Speech: o Formal comm. . presented to large audience Examples: • Toast • Graduation speech o Planning the speech Est. relationship w/ audience Speech structure Maintain audience’s attention Speech style Manage anxiety...
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Notes for test 4 - o Building community Design culture...

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