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CH 12 - Eastern value older − Gender Western strong...

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Intercultural Communication (4-22) Goals: 5 characteristics of cultures Role of stereotypes and prejudice in communication In the US alone: 300 ethnic groups > 100 languages spoken in schools 7% of marriages are interracial Culture The human-made environment Templates for living * Tangible Products * Intangible Customs Characteristics of Cultures Learned * No Predisposed Shared * Us vs. Them Multifaceted * Influences many aspects of thought and behavior Religion, language, law, etc. Dynamic * Can change Overlapping * National * Regional * Class * Ethnic * Religious Intercultural Communication The global village * International travel is common Coming to terms with diversity * Co-cultures Intercultural Communication and personal growth Intercultural identity Barriers to intercultural communication * Perception Perceive events and make attributions Based on culture * Role identities Belong to many groups
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Age Western: value youth
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Unformatted text preview: Eastern: value older − Gender Western: strong gender differences in careers Eastern: not so much * Goals → Western: effort-optimism − We earn status → Other cultures: − Status earns us stuff * Self → Western: − Truth exists and can be found − If we try, we can all be good − Our world can change us Individualistic Horizontal relations o Emphasize equality, independence, rights Self- help Self- sufficiency Self-actualization → Non-Western: − Collectivistic (“We”) Shared identity No idea to know the person, only the family Vertical relations Emphasize status, loyalty, community → Individualistic − U.S. − Australia − Great Britain − Canada − Netherlands → Collectivistic − Guatemala − Ecuador − Argentina − Panama − Peru * Language style...
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CH 12 - Eastern value older − Gender Western strong...

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