CH 12 - Eastern: value older Gender Western: strong gender...

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Intercultural Communication (4-22) Goals: 5 characteristics of cultures Role of stereotypes and prejudice in communication In the US alone: 300 ethnic groups > 100 languages spoken in schools 7% of marriages are interracial Culture The human-made environment Templates for living * Tangible Products * Intangible Customs Characteristics of Cultures Learned * No Predisposed Shared * Us vs. Them Multifaceted * Influences many aspects of thought and behavior Religion, language, law, etc. Dynamic * Can change Overlapping * National * Regional * Class * Ethnic * Religious Intercultural Communication The global village * International travel is common Coming to terms with diversity * Co-cultures Intercultural Communication and personal growth Intercultural identity Barriers to intercultural communication * Perception Perceive events and make attributions Based on culture * Role identities Belong to many groups
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Age Western: value youth
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Unformatted text preview: Eastern: value older Gender Western: strong gender differences in careers Eastern: not so much * Goals Western: effort-optimism We earn status Other cultures: Status earns us stuff * Self Western: Truth exists and can be found If we try, we can all be good Our world can change us Individualistic Horizontal relations o Emphasize equality, independence, rights Self- help Self- sufficiency Self-actualization Non-Western: Collectivistic (We) Shared identity No idea to know the person, only the family Vertical relations Emphasize status, loyalty, community Individualistic U.S. Australia Great Britain Canada Netherlands Collectivistic Guatemala Ecuador Argentina Panama Peru * Language style...
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CH 12 - Eastern: value older Gender Western: strong gender...

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