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Orin McMillen Short Answer Assignment #4 I usually find myself seeking out media messages from TV and the internet and there are several reasons for this. First, they are both free. Second, I have control over what I to learn about. If the news on the TV gets too boring, I can change the channel; and I can choose what link to click on when it comes to the internet. Finally, they both get me the important news fast, so I don’t have to wait until the next day to find out what’s happening in the world. There are also media messages I avoid. I tend to steer clear of the radio, magazines. In addition, I don’t find myself reading a newspaper that often either. I don’t like media messages on the radio because when I listen to the radio, I do it to listen to music, not the news. As for magazines and newspapers, there are a couple reasons. First, they both cost money- even though
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Unformatted text preview: its not much; its still more than TV or internet. I also find that magazines dont hold that many important things in them. They also take longer to publish, so I only get to view new things about once a month. When I am exposed to a message, there are things that keep my attention, and things that make me tune them out. Messages that seem menial lose my attention. Also, especially on the radio, the voice of the reporter can make me tune the message out. Messages that keep my attention usually have visual aids, and, most times, have the spot light. The reporters seem to be genuinely intense about the topic. Also, messages that would/will directly affect me keep my attention....
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