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Com St 101 Short Answer Assignment 1 (Due February 2, 2009) Please type your response on a separate page, double-spaced, in Times New Roman type, 12pt font. You will earn up to 5 points for completing the assignment. Write an analytical response to the following questions: Think of a speaker you admire. 1. Does he/she implement Aristotle's models of ethos, pathos, or logos? 2. Which one do you find more effective and why? (give examples). Think about you own ability to persuade others. 3. What personal qualities do you have that make you persuasive? 4. Does your persuasiveness come primarily from ethos, pathos, or logos, or does it fit into another
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Unformatted text preview: category? Instructions for uploading assignment onto Webct: 1. If you want to attach files: a. Click Add Attachments . The Content Browser pop-up window appears. b. Locate and select the files. For more information, see Navigating with Content Browser . 1. To upload your assignment: a. Click Submit . b. Click OK . A confirmation message appears showing the date and time of your submission. c. Print the confirmation message as a record for yourself. d. Click OK ....
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