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Orin McMillen HW #3 Looking back on one of my more recent relationships, I can see the effects of cultural, sociological, and psychological rules. When we first met, and since we were both in the same school, I skipped the cultural rules and went to a more informal introduction of myself. Thinking back, we didn’t talk about the weather, but we did talk about the classes we were taking. After we started going out, we started to apply psychological-level rules by greeting each other with hugs and or kisses; something I wouldn’t do with a stranger. We also had inside jokes and talked about the things going on in our lives along with other topics I would hesitate to bring up with anyone else. In addition to the rules, I can also apply the process of elimination I used for my last girlfriend. She passed the “sociological or incidental
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Unformatted text preview: cue” filter because she lived about ten minutes from my house and went to my school, which meant that I would see her more than if I had a girlfriend that lived on the other side of the country. Next, she passed through “Preinteraction cues” because she was the right height, and because her nonverbal told be me that there could be a future with her. Then, on our first date, our conversation didn’t get stale and the transitions were smooth. This told me that she passed the “Interaction cues” filter. The last filter she had to pass was the “cognitive cues.” It was pretty simple to do because we shared our values and beliefs to each other. However, we apparently didn’t do this in such a way that built a stronger foundation because we are no longer a couple....
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