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Orin McMillen and Amanda Maurer Section 20 Case Study 1 Question 17 17. Video game consoles have become a multi-billion dollar industry. Entertainment companies come out with the latest and greatest in gaming technologies to entice consumers into buying their consoles. With all of the new features being offered on these consoles the line between personal computers and consoles is becoming blurry. Do some research on the technical specifications of one of the newest gaming consoles. Role 1 & 2: Choose a gaming console and find its technical specifications (CPU speed, memory capacity, hard drive space, internet connectivity, etc…). Does the console have any special features? Compare these specifications to that of your own computer. If you don’t have a computer, find the specification of a modern computer to make the comparison. Make sure that you each pick a different console. Together: Are the consoles more or less powerful than your computers? What advantages do consoles have over personal computers? What advantages do personal computers have over consoles? Do you think that gaming consoles will ever be replaced by personal computers? (Do you think that personal computers
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McMillenandMaurerS20casestudy1 - Orin McMillen and Amanda...

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