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1. What are the advantages of computers? What are the disadvantages of computers? Answer: Advantages of computers include their speed of processing, reliability, consistent results, amount of storage, and the ability to communicate information to other computers. Disadvantages of computers include the health problems users could incur if they use incorrect posture or prolonged use. They also violate privacy and public safety if files aren’t protected correctly. In addition, the use of computers has replaced the skills of thousands of people in the labor force. Finally, the process of making computers depletes natural resources and disposal can cause pollution, therefore they do carry some negative impact on the environment. 2. What is a graphical user interface? Explain by giving an example.
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Unformatted text preview: Answer: An example of a graphical user interface is the control panel on a computer. It uses icons, graphics, and text to help the user interact with the software and controls how they enter data, and how information is shown. 3. What is e-commerce? Give two examples of e-commerce. Answer: E-commerce is where a company uses the web to conduct business such as taking orders online, or advertising their product. 4. What is finance software? What is online banking? Answer: Finance software allows users to manage their finances such as balancing their checkbook or managing investments. Online banking allows users to pay bills, check balances or copy monthly transactions all from the financial institution’s website....
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