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1. What is an IP address? How is it related to a domain name? (7 points) Answer: The Internet Protocol address an identification number that is needed to access the internet. It is made up of 4 groups of numbers separated by periods. They range from 0-255. The first set identifies a specific network and the last set identifies an individual computer. A domain name is the text version of an IP address 2. What is streaming? What kind of media is usually streamed? (7 points) Answer: Streaming occurs when data is transferred continuously and evenly for the purpose of immediate feedback. Audio and video are usually the kind of media that is streamed. 3. What are the five steps involved in web publishing? Explain them briefly. (7 points) Answer: Step 1: Web site planning. In this stage the user decides the purpose and the audience. Step 2: Designing the web site. In this stage the user selects how the
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Unformatted text preview: information will be displayed and how to design the layout of the site. Step 3: Creating the web site. During this stage the user may use web site authoring software to create the actual webpage. Step 4: Storing the site on a server. In this stage the user will get space for their web site and upload it onto the server. Step 5: Maintaining the web site. During this stage the user needs to update the site with current information using normal web authoring software. 4. What is the structure of an e-mail address? What is an address book? (7 points) Answer: The first part of an e-mail address is the user name which is followed by the @ symbol so that it is separated from the domain name. An address book stores the user’s email address and their friends’ unique user names....
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