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1. What are web-based software and open-source software? Give examples of web-based software. (7 points) Answer: Web-based software refers to programs hosted by a website. Examples would include email and game programs. Open-source software has no restrictions from the copy-right holder regarding the modification of the software’s internal instructions and redistribution of the software. 2. How are spreadsheets organized? Give three features of spreadsheet programs. (7 points) Answer: Spreadsheets organize information into rows, which are marked by numbers, and columns, which are marked by letters. Features of the spreadsheet allow the user to do a number of things like change the font size or style, check for misspelled words, inserting audio or video, or even make charts. 3. What is legal software? What is tax-preparation software? Give an example of
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Unformatted text preview: tax-preparation software. (7 points) Answer: Legal software is software that allows users to prepare legal documents or get legal information. It provides users with documents for planning an estate, getting married or divorced, or even to prepare a will or living trust. Tax-preparation software is used to help the user file federal tax information and lower their tax bills. An example of this would be TurboTax. 4. What is “Web 2.0”? Give at least three types of Web 2.0 sites. (7 points) Answer: It is a term describing websites that offer Web-based software, that would allow users to share and store personal information. Facebook, Photobucket, and MySpace are just three examples of Web 2.0 sites....
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