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1. Define the terms “input” and “data”. What are the various forms of instructions? Explain briefly. (7 points) Answer: Data is a collection of unprocessed numbers, images, audio, video, and text. Once processed, it becomes information. Any instructions or data entered into a computer’s memory is input. One can input instructions and data in several ways such as, a keyboard, mouse, touch screen, or device that has a touch screen; PC video camera, digital camera, microphone, scanner, light pen, or a joystick. 2. Give an example of a controller for a media player and describe its function. List the various kinds of gaming controllers. (7 points) Answer: A gamepad is an example of a controller for a media player. Its function is to control the movement and action of players or objects in a computer or video games. Users press buttons or move sticks around which triggers events in the game. Other examples include joysticks, wheels and pedals, light guns, motion sensing game controllers, and dance pads.
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