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1. An LCD monitor is what type of display device? What are the technologies used by LCD screens to display color? Explain those technologies. (7 points) Answer: A LCD monitor is a flat-panel display device. They have fluorescent tubes that emit light waves toward liquid-crystals cells, which are sandwiched between two sheets of material. When charges go through the cells, they twist, and action that blocks some light waves while allowing other light waves to go through, thus creating an images. LCDs use two types of technologies: active-matrix display or passive-matrix display. An active matrix display, or thin- film transistor, also known as TFT, uses a separate transistor for each liquid cell. This helps to produce high-quality colors than can be viewed from any angle. A passive-matrix display uses fewer transistors and is also less expensive, but the colors on the display are not as bright as those produced by TFT monitors. 2. What is the function of a GPU? What is the purpose of DVI and S-video ports?
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