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Unformatted text preview: 1. Give the various functions of an operating system. What is a cross-platform application? (7 points) Answer: There are many functions of an operating system. They include starting a computer, providing a user interface, managing, programs, managing memory, scheduling jobs and configuring devices, establishing an internet connection, monitoring performance, controlling a network, administering security, and providing file management and other utilities. A cross-platform application is a program that can be run identically on multiple operating systems. 2. What is a utility program? What are the functions of a file manager? (7 points) Answer: It is system software that permits users to perform maintenance tasks such as managing files, searching for files, viewing images, securing a computer from unauthorized access, uninstalling programs, scanning disks, defragmenting disks, diagnosing problems, backing up files and disks, and setting up screen savers. A file manager is a utility that takes care of file management tasks. and setting up screen savers....
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