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1. Describe the symptoms of an infected computer. How should you protect yourself from macros? (7 points) Answer: The screen often displays unusual messages, images, or random sounds. The available memory appears less than expected, and existing files or programs seem to disappear. Programs stop working properly while unknown programs start appearing. Files on the system may become unopenable or be corrupted with damaged data. You can protect yourself from macros by disabling the macros, because if the document is from a trusted source it can still be run. 2. Define the term “botnet”. Explain each of the following: denial of service attack, back door program. (7 points). Answer: Groups of compromised machines connected to the Internet for the purpose of attacking other networks are called botnets. A denial of service, or DoS, attack happens when someone aims to disrupt Internet services like the Web or e-mail. By requesting access many times in a short span, attackers can deny legitimate users access to one or more service on a network. DoS attacks may
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