5. Burlesque 3.19 - Three part structure:-group...

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Burlesque (u ) F. Early (American) Burlesque 1. Roughly same era as minstrelsy 2. Popular culture 3. Comedy / satire 4. Common themes Making fun of “high culture” texts Propping up the lower/working class at the expense of the powerful/wealthy Sex (lots of double entendres and naughty puns) 1. British invasion Similar stuff - but with women, wearing tights, playing men Lydia Thompson and her British Blondes -Ixion -Spring, 1868 -Comedy, Singing, Dancing -Costumes – no “worse” than ballet 2. Reaction Critics freak out The Public shows up 3.
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Unformatted text preview: Three part structure:-group performance, formal dress, songs and comedy-variety show-one act musical burlesque. Girls in less clothing- Wheels whole company would travel together. Show is more cohesive. Considered a big step down for vaudevillians. Vaudevillians would perform under assumed names. 4. Eventually just about the girls 1920s wheels closing down Moves to Stripping Male audiences keep it going, but moral outrage picks back up....
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5. Burlesque 3.19 - Three part structure:-group...

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