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6. Musical Theatre 3.24 - Musical Theatre 1 Elements of...

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Musical Theatre 1. Elements of Musical Theatre Book: The overall story of the musical; all the non-sung songs Lyrics – the song words Music – that people sing, or background music Dance – Design / Spectacle 2. The “first” musical The Black Crook (1866) -At Niblo’s Garden Theatre -Created by accident -“ Extravaganza -Hugely popular and profitable; 5 hour long, very expensive to produce 3. Show Boat Production Team -Music: Jerome Kern -Book & Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein Ii -Producer: Florenz Ziegfeld Innovations -Musical play -Both black and white characters 4. The Book Musical: Traditional Characteristics Often synonymous with “Golden Age” integration of elements in service of the book (story and characters) “Hummable” melodies Tension between dialogue and song Romance Narratives & Gender Roles -Ingenue, soubrette -“Happily ever after” endings -Female stars Themes -Some are shallow / “fluffy” -More are topical, grapple with current social or political issues
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-Often deal implicitly or explicitly with questions or (usually U.S.) citizenship
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