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8. Directors 3.28 - A What is a director anyway 1...

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A. What is a director, anyway? 1. Goals/Function -An Audience surrogate? -A Creator? -A Midwife -A Translator? 2. Style Dictator? Leader? Collaborator? B. Types of Directors 1. Literal Bringing the playwright’s vision to the stage Highly faithful to the text 2. Conceptual / Interpretive Bringing the audience the spirit of the playwright’s text Faithful to the dialogue Changes to given circumstances: Time, place, etc. 3. Auteur Bringing the audience their own vision Text as raw material to be changed at will C. (One version of) A Director’s Process Play selection If Necessary: -Pick translation -Cut text Read – repeatedly -Text analysis -Beats? Actions? Throughline/Spine? Emotional responses? Images? Practical needs? Research Approach/Concept
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Begin work with design team -Preliminary conversations : Approach; specific requirements -Oversight, control, or collaboration? Casting -90% of good directing? -Auditions, Callbacks -Looking for: Presence? Training? Skills? Chemistry? Attitude? Experience? Fit to role?
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