10. Jazz Aesthetics 3.31 2nd part

10. Jazz Aesthetics 3.31 2nd part - C. Spontaneous...

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2. Principal Ideas of the Jazz Aesthetic Individuals are inimitable When collaborate, bring those gifts to the community Requires total presence, being in the moment Is not intended to blend or homogenize – honors individual 4. Directing in the Jazz Aesthetic A. Listening for what is there Paying attention – Honoring the play Without preconception B. Trust that the play has a truth Knows itself Is in the room – waiting to be found
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Unformatted text preview: C. Spontaneous dramaturgy D. Rehearsals stimulate directors creativity E. Rarely operates in realism Demands different acting technique Fluid, improvisational 3. Things to watch for: Repeated lines, phrases, images, stage pictures, moments Multiple voices even in solo work Improvisation Improvised movement Text written like musical score-Rhythmic stage directions, line breaks...
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