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12. Choreography Choreographers 4.04

12. Choreography Choreographers 4.04 - Goal Depicting...

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Choreography / Choreographers 1. What is Modern dance? American (generally) in origin Weighted and grounded / emphasis on working with / through the floor Opposition to ballet initially Twentieth century 3 . Today’s Focus: Alvin Ailey Born in Texas Trained by Lester Horton in LA Hybrid technique: Horton / ballet / Graham / Jazz Process: He had the vision and most of the choreographic structure, though the dancers improvised and re-shaped movement.
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Unformatted text preview: Goal: Depicting African-American culture thematically, musically, and physically. Best known work: Revelations (1962) 5. Urban Bush women Founded in 1984 Artistic Director: Jawole Willa Jo Zollar New York-based, but, like Ailey, tours constantly Emphasis on representing the experience of African-American women 6. Batty Moves (1995)-“An homage to the female form”...
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