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14. Modernist Movements 4.09

14. Modernist Movements 4.09 - Switzerland – 1916...

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3. Modernism: Futurism Italy : 1909ish – Marinetti : Crashed a car and started Futurism Truth – Found through change, war, looking towards tomorrow, destruction Speed, Energy, Technology Multiple Viewpoints Antagonizing the audience Fascism -Rigid system of order that everyone must conform to -Use symbols to rally people around ideas 5. Expressionism. Germany – 1910 Against materialism and industrialization Truth – found in the human soul Regeneration of Man The Scream – an Exp. Painting 7. Dadaism
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Unformatted text preview: Switzerland – 1916 Response to WWI Truth is impossible to find The world is insane – We should embrace this and stop trying to find truth No artistic barriers Tristan Tzara Cabaret Voltaire 9. Avant Garde: Surrealism Another Modernist movement 1920s Freud Truth: Found in the subconscious, through “subverting the conscious mind” Dreams – Window to the subconscious Automatic writing Stream of consciousness Salvador Dali...
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