14. Modernist Movements 4.09

14. Modernist Movements 4.09 - Switzerland 1916 Response to...

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3. Modernism: Futurism Italy : 1909ish – Marinetti : Crashed a car and started Futurism Truth – Found through change, war, looking towards tomorrow, destruction Speed, Energy, Technology Multiple Viewpoints Antagonizing the audience Fascism -Rigid system of order that everyone must conform to -Use symbols to rally people around ideas 5. Expressionism. Germany – 1910 Against materialism and industrialization Truth – found in the human soul Regeneration of Man The Scream – an Exp. Painting 7. Dadaism
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Unformatted text preview: Switzerland 1916 Response to WWI Truth is impossible to find The world is insane We should embrace this and stop trying to find truth No artistic barriers Tristan Tzara Cabaret Voltaire 9. Avant Garde: Surrealism Another Modernist movement 1920s Freud Truth: Found in the subconscious, through subverting the conscious mind Dreams Window to the subconscious Automatic writing Stream of consciousness Salvador Dali...
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