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20. Translations 4.23 - Northern Ireland close to...

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Translations 1. Brian Friel (1929-Present) Born in Omagh County (Northern Ireland) Father was a teacher Educated at St. Columb’s College in Derry Began writing short stories and plays in 1950s Plays performed extensively: Abbey (Ireland), West End (England), Broadway (U.S.) Continues to be one of Ireland’s most prominent playwrights 2. Themes Identity Notion of Truth Communication Language Memory Community 3. Production History: Ireland 1 st Production: September 23, 1980 -Guildhall Theatre, Derry, Ireland
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Unformatted text preview: : Northern Ireland, close to “Ballybeg” : Guildhall – Symbol of Unionist power : Recent political tension Field Day Theatre Company-Brian Friel & Stephen Rae (& other famous Irish writers)-Focused on Language-Wanted to reinvigorate political consciousness Stephen Rae, Liam Neeson, and Ray McAnally Enormous popular & critical success 4. Production History: Ireland and U.S. Abbey Theatre, Dublin – August 2, 2001-Directed by Ben Barnes, Artistic Director...
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