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The Two Koreas and the United States Assignment 1 – 5-6 pp. Due 2/26/08 Situating the Korean War Each of the major authors we have discussed in our classes on the Korean War – Cumings, Goncharov/Xue/Lewis, Millikan, and Slotkin – relates the causes and/or ramifications of 1945-50 Korean division and the war itself to wider processes or dynamics. For three (3) of these authors, discuss the dynamics they identify and explain how these foci relate to their argument(s) as a whole. Finally, among the dynamics you
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Unformatted text preview: discuss, which one do you think would be most helpful to the “person on the street” in understanding the Korean situation today? Remember : When quoting from a text, or making reference to an author’s specific argument, you should remember to cite the work and page you draw from. I don’t care about the format: something like “blah blah blah (Milliken p. 214),” or even just “(214)” if the author is clear, is fine, but DO get in the habit of citing....
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